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How to buy a trundle bed

Trundle beds are a popular option for both children's rooms and guest bedrooms. During the day, a trundle bed fits into the space of a normal twin bed. At night, the trundle can be drawn out from under the bed to create a second twin size bed. Very convenient for a sleep over or visitors. Trundle beds don't require a special mattress or special sheets as they use regular twin size mattresses and twin size bedding. They are clearly a great way to maximize your space without sacrificing looks or comfort.

Trundle beds consist of four basic parts: the headboard, the footboard, the link spring and the trundle. The link spring is the component that replaces the traditional bedframe or rails. It attaches to the headboard and footboard in specially drilled holes and holds up the mattress. The link spring also provides enough support to hold a mattress without a box spring. This is important to the look of a trundle bed because a box spring would make the mattress sit too high on the bed. Link springs are almost like a box spring without the wood and fabric. Most links springs are made of mesh wire and are built to last for years of use.

The second key component of a trundle bed is the trundle itself. There are two types of regular trundles, the pop-up and the drawer. A drawer trundle has the façade of a cabinet and normally slides on wheels. Most trundles beds that feature a drawer trundle are constructed of wood. A drawer trundle does not usually pop-up and is designed to remain on the floor. The other type of trundle normally used in a trundle bed is a pop-up trundle. They are constructed of steel tubing and are designed to raise up to the same height as the upper bed. This allows you to create a sleeping surface slightly smaller than a king bed. Pop-up trundles offer more flexibility as they can be moved around from room to room with little effort.