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Elite offers protection against stains and damages in multiple furniture categories including; fabric, leather, vinyl, and wood. Convenient, affordable, reliable coverage from the industry leader in furniture protection.

Service Contract

The Five (5) Year Guardsman Service Only Furniture Protection Plan ("Protection Plan") is a service contract between you (the original purchaser), the consumer, & The Valspar Corporation, through its Guardsman business unit ("Guardsman"), 4999 36th Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, the administrator-provider-seller of this service contract.
1. If a stain or damage listed in the "What Is Covered" section occurs during the term of this Protection Plan, Guardsman agrees to provide Service ("Service") as outlined in the "SERVICE PROCEDURES" section of this Protection Plan 2. This Protection Plan is not a cleaning or maintenance contract, insurance policy, or your original manufacturer warranty
3. This Protection Plan is valid for a period of five (5) years ("the Term") from the delivery date of your new furniture
4. This plan is only valid for new furniture that was purchased at the same time as this Protection Plan, & appears on the sales receipt as such
5. This Protection Plan is non-transferable & not renewable
6. You must retain this Protection Plan & the sales receipt for both the furniture & this Protection Plan

Service Procedures

If Guardsman determines that the reported stain or damage is covered under this Protection Plan, Guardsman will perform one or more of the following:


  • Guardsman may provide a cleaning kit or advice on how to remove a stain
  • Guardsman may dispatch an authorized technician to remove the stain or repair the damaged area. If the authorized technician cannot remove the stain or repair the damaged area, you will be given a refund of the original purchase price of the Protection Plan & the Protection Plan terminates

    What is covered

    Fabric, Leather, & Vinyl Upholstered Furniture:

    1. Any food or beverage stain
    2. Any human or pet bodily fluid stain (except perspiration, hair, & body oils)
    3. Any ballpoint pen ink stain from a single incident
    4. Any nail polish/nail polish remover stain from a single incident
    5. Any puncture, cut, tear, & rip from a single incident
    6. Any burn from a single incident
    7. Frames, springs & the following mechanisms, if they were covered by an original manufacturer warranty that has since expired: sleeper, reclining, inclining, heating, & vibrating

    Wood & Other Hard Surface Furniture:

    1. Any food or beverage stain
    2. Any nail polish/nail polish remover stain from a single incident
    3. Any liquid mark or ring
    4. Breakage
    5. Any scratch, gouge or chip from a single incident
    6. Any burn or heat mark from a single incident
    7. Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish from a single incident
    8. Any chip, scratch or breakage of glass or mirrors
    9. Loss of silvering on mirrors

    What is NOT covered

    Nubuck: is a top grain aniline leather that has been buffed to give a nap effect

    Exotic: are any non-bovine hide or any hide embossed or heat stamped with special feature such as alligator, crocodile or ostrich patterns, & basket weave

    "X" Cleaning Code: fabrics with this cleaning code can only be vacuumed & cannot be cleaned with any type of cleaner